AWS Deep Lens implementation for drowsiness detection in drivers


Created a recommendation system or an Orchestrator that will help user to prevent drowsiness/sleepiness while driving.

Tools & technologies


Amazon deep lens will continuously monitor the user. If it detects any drowsiness or sleepiness on the face, it will generate an event and send it to the AWS cloud, which is attached to our engine. This will then invoke Alexa Skill (an Amazon voice assistant) to guide users to the nearest coffee shop. This is an MVP and is mostly based on R&D.

What we did?

➢ Continuous user monitoring through Deep lens ➢ Detects drowsiness or sleeping on the face ➢ Send detected event to AWS Cloud ➢ AWS Cloud integrations with system ➢ System integration with Alexa skill (Amazon Voice assistant) ➢ System can command Google or Alexa Map to find the nearest coffee shop or any restaurant.


Saving hundreds of thousands of users daily by monitoring through Deep lens, and integrated systems.

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