May 10, 2024

Top 7 Salesforce Non-profits Partners 2024/2025

Discover the top Salesforce non-profit partners for 2024/2025 and how they are making a difference in the non-profit sector.

Technology has entered every crevice, and no task on Earth is deprived. Similarly, technology has also entered the non-profit sector, which aims to bring positive change to the world and make a difference by improving the lives of people and animals. Choosing the right Salesforce non-profit partner is crucial to ensure your organization’s cause is met with justice. This blog will discuss the role of Salesforce non-profit partners, state their qualities, and consider some of the top Salesforce Non-profit partners of 2024/2025.

Role of Salesforce Non-Profit Consulting & Implementation Partners in 2024/2025:

Empowering Communities 

At the heart of their mission, Salesforce non-profit partners are committed to empowering communities. They act as catalysts for change, equipping those in need with resources and support. Through their innovative programs and initiatives, they uplift individuals and families, paving the way for a brighter future. 

Case Selection and Management 

Non-profits face a daily influx of cases, each one deserving of attention. However, with limited resources, it's a challenge to address them all. This is where the importance of prioritization based on the severity of the cases and the use of tools like Salesforce comes into play. Effective management of these cases, once selected, is equally crucial. 

Encouraging Collaboration

Salesforce non-profit partners understand that working together can achieve far more than working alone. Through partnerships with other non-profits, businesses, and governments, they create synergies that amplify their impact, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Marketing for Non-profits 

Salesforce Cloud also has a marketing segment, which enables it to market the cause of specific non-profit organizations. The more people the cause reaches, the better, as more people will contribute their wealth and make donations. 

Managing Grants 

With Salesforce, nonprofits can track the entire lifecycle of their grants. They can easily access grant applications, keep track of deadlines, and manage documentation. This makes the grant process more efficient and transparent, allowing nonprofits to focus on their mission of making a difference in the world.

Qualities of Top Salesforce Non-profit Partners in 2024/2025

1. Commitment to Impact 

Top non-profit partners are deeply committed to creating positive change in the world. They have a clear mission and a strategic approach to achieving their goals using Salesforce technology. 

2. Innovation 

Technology is incomplete without innovation, and Salesforce non-profit partners must also think outside the box to help the non-profit organization stand out significantly. 

3. Collaborative Spirit 

They work closely with other non-profits, businesses, and communities to maximize their impact. They understand that by working together, we can achieve more than by working alone.

4. Adaptability 

The best non-profit partners are adaptable and resilient. They embrace new technologies and methodologies, always striving to improve and evolve.

5. Transparency 

These partners are transparent in their actions and accountable to their stakeholders. They are committed to measuring and reporting on their impact, ensuring they make a difference where it matters most.

Top 7 Salesforce Non-profit Implementation Partners 2024/2025

1. Whizzbridge 

With a focus on Salesforce solutions, Whizzbridge empowers non-profits to amplify their impact and streamline their operations, ultimately enabling them to better serve their communities. One key reason Whizzbridge is at the forefront of Salesforce non-profit partners is its deep understanding of the unique challenges that non-profits face. Our team is not just tech-savvy; we are empathetic and passionate about making a difference. This emotional intelligence allows us to create Salesforce solutions to meet the specific needs of each non-profit, ensuring that the technology serves the mission, not the other way around. We constantly strive to innovate and improve, staying ahead of the rapidly evolving technological arena. This commitment to excellence is evident in their work, which consistently exceeds expectations. 

Whizzbridge helped a food bank streamline operations by implementing a custom Salesforce solution that automated inventory management and donation tracking. This saved the food bank time and resources and enabled them to serve more needy families.

2. Craftsman

Craftsman's end-to-end implementation services are a testament to their dedication to providing comprehensive solutions. From design and configuration to testing and deployment, Craftsman's team of project managers, analysts, architects, and developers work tirelessly to ensure that every project is a success. What truly sets Craftsman apart is its team of full-time, nonprofit technology professionals. Organizations like the Boston Athenaeum, PIDC, and Thrive Scholars have all benefited from Craftsman's expertise. 

3. Cloud for Good 

Cloud for Good shines brightly as one of the top Salesforce non-profit partners of 2024/2025. Cloud for Good's impact is not just limited to technology; it extends to the causes they support. For example, Cloud for Good has worked with organizations like the American Cancer Society to streamline operations and improve fundraising efforts. By implementing Salesforce solutions, Cloud for Good has helped the American Cancer Society reach more donors and raise funds to support its critical mission of fighting cancer.

4. Cloud Creations 

Cloud Creations is one of the top Salesforce non-profit partners in 2024/2025. From completing the grant application process to customizing donation and program setups, Cloud Creations ensures that non-profits have everything they need to succeed. Their Quick Start package is especially appealing, offering a cost-effective way for non-profits to get up and running with Salesforce quickly and efficiently. Another area where Cloud Creations excels is event and volunteer management. With Salesforce, non-profits can manage their events, including registration, payment, and attendance, all in one place.

5. Exponent Partners 

With a client base of over 700 organizations, Exponent Partners has a proven track record of success in the non-profit sector. They offer various services per non-profits' needs, including education, human services, and philanthropy. One standout client story is their work with the William Penn Foundation. By re-launching Salesforce without the foundationConnect package, Exponent Partners helped the foundation streamline their operations and better serve the Philadelphia area.

6. Yurgosky 

Yurgosky Consulting is redefining what it means to be a Salesforce non-profit partner. From initial consultation to ongoing support, Yurgosky Consulting provides a full range of services to help non-profits maximize their use of Salesforce. Their experts work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals. Whether working with a small non-profit or a large organization, Yurgosky Consulting approaches each project with the same dedication and enthusiasm, ensuring that its clients can achieve their full potential. Their clients include Robinhood and Hunger Free America. 

7. Kell Partners 

As a trusted Salesforce partner, KELL Partners has demonstrated a deep understanding of non-profit needs. Their team of experts provides comprehensive services, from initial consultation to ongoing support, ensuring that non-profits have everything they need to succeed. By implementing Salesforce solutions, KELL Partners has helped these organizations reach more donors, streamline their operations, and raise funds to support their critical missions.


In conclusion, the role of Salesforce non-profit partners in 2024/2025 is crucial in empowering communities, managing cases, encouraging collaboration, marketing for non-profits, and managing grants. These partners' top qualities include their commitment to impact, innovation, collaborative spirit, adaptability, and transparency. By working with these top Salesforce non-profit partners, organizations can use the power of technology to reach more people.


What is the role of Salesforce non-profit partners in 2024/2025?

Salesforce non-profit partners play a crucial role in empowering communities, managing cases, encouraging collaboration, marketing for non-profits, and managing grants. They act as catalysts for change, equipping those in need with resources and support, and help non-profits maximize their impact.

What sets the top Salesforce non-profit partners apart from others?

The top Salesforce non-profit partners are known for their dedication, passion, and expertise. They are not just tech-savvy but empathetic and deeply committed to making a difference. They go above and beyond to ensure their clients can achieve their full potential and make a meaningful impact.

How can non-profits benefit from working with Salesforce non-profit partners?

Non-profits can benefit from working with Salesforce non-profit partners by leveraging the power of Salesforce to reach more people, streamline their operations, and ultimately make a greater impact globally. These partners provide the expertise, support, and resources to help non-profits achieve their missions and create positive change.

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