Feb 18, 2024

Dreamforce 2024: Cost, Dates, Registration [Complete Guide]

Read our guide on the future of CRM at Dreamforce 2024! Stay updated on Dreamforce 2024 cost, registration & dates.

Dreamforce, Salesforce's annual extravaganza, stands as the pinnacle of CRM conferences globally. As we eagerly anticipate Dreamforce 2024, let's delve into what makes this event an unparalleled gathering for industry enthusiasts, thought leaders, and businesses seeking innovation.

What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is not just an event; it's a phenomenon. It's a place where the future of Salesforce unfolds, where groundbreaking innovations are unveiled, and where the brightest minds in the industry come together to share their knowledge and expertise. This year's theme, "Ignite Your Journey," perfectly encapsulates the essence of Dreamforce – a platform to spark your imagination, fuel your passion, and propel you forward on your Salesforce journey.

Dreamforce 2024 Dates

Mark your calendars! Dreamforce 2024, the largest and most anticipated gathering of the Salesforce community, is just around the corner, and promises to be an unforgettable experience. From September 17th to 19th, San Francisco will transform into a vibrant hub of innovation, learning, and connection, attracting thousands of Salesforce consultants, entrepreneurs, and businesses.


Dreamforce 2024 Cost: Pricing

- 2023: For the 2023 edition, an 'early bird' ticket was priced at USD $1,499, the standard rate at USD $1,899, and last chance offers were available at USD $2,299. Anticipate similar pricing for Dreamforce 2024.

- 2022: In 2022, Dreamforce attracted around 30,000 in-person attendees, marking it as the largest since 2019, with an additional ~120k participants attending online.

For those who missed Dreamforce 2023, the Salesforce+ platform provides an opportunity to experience the magic. Membership is free, easy to obtain, and accessible to everyone.

Dreamforce 2024 Registration

Once Dreamforce 2024 registration opens, you can secure your attendance at https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/

The Full Conference pass, valid from September 17–19, 2024, includes access to keynotes, breakout and theater sessions, hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions, networking opportunities, the Welcome Reception, a certification opportunity, and Dreamfest. Additionally, daily morning and afternoon refreshments, along with lunch, are part of the full conference pass.

What to Expect at Dreamforce 2024:

Keynote presentations

Renowned industry leaders, visionary thinkers, and Salesforce executives will take the stage to deliver inspiring talks, unveiling the latest advancements in the Salesforce ecosystem and painting a picture of the future.

Breakout sessions

Dive deep into a diverse range of topics, from mastering the latest Salesforce features to unlocking new possibilities with cutting-edge technology. Choose from hundreds of sessions tailored to your specific interests and experience level.

Hands-on workshops

Get down to business and gain practical skills through interactive workshops. Learn how to apply the latest Salesforce innovations to your real-world challenges and unlock the full potential of the platform.

Roundtable discussions

Engage in stimulating conversations with fellow attendees and industry experts. Share your experiences, insights, and challenges, and collaborate to find solutions and forge new connections.

The Attendee Experience

Discover the unique blend of networking opportunities, community engagement, and hands-on learning experiences awaiting Dreamforce 2024 attendees. From social events to entertainment spectacles, learn how Dreamforce goes beyond a conference, creating a vibrant and dynamic community.

Impact on Salesforce Users and Businesses

Delve into the transformative impact Dreamforce has on Salesforce users and businesses. Through case studies, explore how insights gained from Dreamforce have led to significant business transformations, driving adoption, and maximizing return on investment.

Unlimited Opportunities to Learn, Network, and Grow

Dreamforce is not just about learning about the latest technology; it's about connecting with the people who are shaping the future of Salesforce. You'll have the chance to network with thousands of like-minded individuals, build valuable relationships, and gain insights from industry leaders and peers.

  • Attend networking events: From welcome receptions to social gatherings, Dreamforce offers numerous opportunities to connect with people from all walks of the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Join the Trailblazer Community: This vibrant online platform allows you to connect with fellow Salesforce enthusiasts, share knowledge, and participate in discussions.
  • Visit the expo hall: Discover a vast array of solutions and services from leading Salesforce partners, all designed to help you optimize your Salesforce experience.

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Experience the Magic of Dreamfest

Don't miss Dreamfest, the ultimate Dreamforce after-party! Dance the night away under the stars, enjoy live music and entertainment, and create lasting memories with fellow attendees. To make the most of your Dreamforce experience, planning is key. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Register early: Secure your spot and take advantage of early bird discounts.
  • Create a personalized agenda: Choose sessions and activities that align with your specific interests and goals.
  • Download the Dreamforce app: Stay informed with the latest updates, schedule changes, and networking opportunities.
  • Pack your networking gear: Business cards, comfortable shoes, and a positive attitude are essential for a successful Dreamforce experience.

Additional resources to help you plan your Dreamforce adventure:

Dreamforce 2024 Dates: September 17-19, 2024

Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco

Dreamforce 2024 FAQs

What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is an annual conference for Salesforce users, bringing together enthusiasts, thought leaders, and businesses. It's a platform to learn about Salesforce innovations, connect with other users, and gain insights from industry experts.

What can I expect at Dreamforce?

Dreamforce offers a variety of activities, including:

  • Keynote presentations: Hear from Salesforce executives and industry leaders about the latest trends and innovations.
  • Breakout sessions: Attend in-depth sessions on specific Salesforce products, features, and use cases.
  • Hands-on workshops: Gain practical experience with Salesforce through interactive workshops.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other Salesforce users, partners, and experts.

How can I prepare for Dreamforce?

Here are some tips for preparing for Dreamforce:

  • Register early: Registration typically opens a few months before the event.
  • Create a personalized agenda: Browse the session catalog and create a schedule that aligns with your interests.
  • Download the Dreamforce app: The app provides access to the event schedule, speaker information, and networking tools.
  • Pack your networking gear: Bring business cards and comfortable shoes for walking around the expo hall.

When is Dreamforce 2024?

  • It will be held in September 2024.

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