Jul 5, 2023

The highlight of the month; CES 2022 wrapped up!

While the pandemic did affect a few things for the world’s largest technology innovation exhibition, CES 2022 still managed to be one big event to kickstart the new ye


While the pandemic did affect a few things for the world’s largest technology innovation exhibition, CES 2022 still managed to be one big event to kickstart the new year with. CES 2022 was hosted in Las Vegas this year with a decent number of audiences and brands gracing the event. However, due to the Coronavirus restrictions, many companies switched to virtual meet and greet with the conference being concluded a day earlier as well.

CES 2022 brought the most anticipated tech innovations like metaverse and automatic transportation pods to life. Safe to say, it was a dream come true for all the tech enthusiasts. From keynotes to virtual displays, the 3-day conference was packed with surprises.

If you have not had the chance to follow the event, worry not. In this article, we will sum up everything you need to know about CES 2022.

Here are the highlights you didn’t ask for but ought to know for the love of technology:

Samsung announced its first QD OLED TV

Yes, the much-anticipated Quantum Dot technology for the TV screens made its way through the event. Samsung showcased the magnificent technology by introducing its first-ever QD OLED TV.

This Quantum Dot technology promises to deliver better colors on screen with its startling richer hues that usually appear less clear on OLED TV sets. The technology also tackles the side blurring effect caused by rapidly changing shots on videos making watching videos or playing games an even better experience.

Stephen Shankland, from CNET, writes:

‘’It seemed to me the QD OLED highlights were indeed more colorful than on the OLED or LCD displays. And it handily beat the LCD for dark scenes with bright lights, where the LCD's local-dimming LEDs left halos glowing around the bright regions.’’

Good things come at a price, don’t they? The QD OLED TV sets will be hefty on the pocket and can only be afforded by the higher segment of society. These amazing QD OLED TV sets are set to come in the market any time now.

Dell’s flagship laptop grabbed a lot of attention

Dell introduced its flagship laptop, Dell XPS 13 Plus. Amidst other laptops that were introduced at CES 2022, this one captured a lot of eyeballs. Dell XPS 13 has been a huge hit when it comes to premium laptops.

Dell XPS 13 Plus is just the upgrade we all did not know we needed. The company introduced it as ‘minimalist and modern’ and we must say rightfully so.

There appears to be no touchpad except that there is one. The touchpad space remains the same in this brand-new variant but without any marking. The touchpad runs between the two alt keys seamlessly.  It will take some time to get the hang of it, we agree.

The Plus upgrade also has an expanded keyboard extending from one edge of the laptop to the other. This new type of keyboard has been introduced as ‘Zero lattice’ by Dell.

Chevy Silverado EV debut

From the automobiles’ side, we got the magnificent Chevy Silverado EV. The truck was introduced as the company’s first-ever ‘all-electric pick-up.’

The truck can go up to 400 miles in a single charge which took everyone by a surprise. With a huge price tag of  $105,000 for the retail price, we are not surprised. However, cheaper versions were also promised so here’s to hoping!


Besides the omicron’s highly contagious wave, the event was still a success with numerous new outlets wishing they could have been a part of it in-person. From Razor’s high-tech face mask to Ameca, the robot with facial expressions the conference surely gave the world the true depiction of the future.

Claire Reilly, the video producer of CNET said:

"It was so surreal -- I wish I could have seen it in person."

While GM hinting at the introduction of first-ever ride-hailing service and BMW coming up with a car that can change colors (yes, you read that right), Chris Paukert, the executive editor of CNET roadshow said:

"CES turned out to be the best auto show in years."

It won’t be wrong to say that CES 2022 did not disappoint this year as well.

With that, it’s a wrap from us. For more details, keep watching this space!

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