Nov 22, 2023

Top 11 UI/UX Trends for 2023

Here are some UI/UX trends that have made their way in 2023.

In this fast-moving world, new technological advancements are rising user expectations. With the advent of virtual and remote working cultures, UI/UX trends have also shifted dramatically this year. To succeed in this competitive world of technology, designers must keep up with the current trends.  Here are some UI/UX trends that have made their way in 2023.

1. Illustrations

Illustrations act as functional elements rather than decoration when used in user interfaces. It enables the users to make the messages and do interactions in an easier, clearer, and more stylish way as well. Custom Illustrations help to establish artistic harmony and add creativity to the interfaces. This enables the interfaces to stand out among the competitors.

2. Behavioral Design

The behavioral design uses visual cues to modify human behavior. It is a combination of creative design and scientific data. It is used for apps that help users develop a habit or achieve goals like fitness goals, water drinking reminders, or help develop the habit of saving money.Behavioral design employs techniques like scarcity, e.g. showing only 1 seat is left on the ride you take for your daily commute, or CAR- Cue, Action, Reward which entices the user to do a task in turn of reward. As behavioral studies have shown, how you deliver the reward makes an impact on how strongly the behavior is reinforced.People nowadays don’t want to track calenders but want easy, convenient apps that will help them complete tasks on time, and remind them the tasks they need to perform to help them manage time and become organized.

3. Dark Mode

Dark mode is nothing new but it has been there for a few years. Basically, dark mode is using a dark color pallet. It shifts the black text on a white background with white text on black background. Users are now more inclined to use dark mode as it looks cool. Actually, dark mode is much more than just looking cool. It reduces the blue light exposures which in turn becomes beneficial for the eyes. In this world where people are so addicted to technology and use screens for a long period, dark mode aids in relieving the stress on the eyes.

“Research from Android Authority and Polar revealed, that 91.8% and 95% of participants respectively declared their preference for dark mode.”

4. Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions are shown everywhere on your device and within the apps. They are designed to engage, welcome, and entertain users. You might not realize they are there, but they help in improving the overall user experience.From the small heart on Instagram to the scroll bar that shows you where you are on a page, micro-interactions play a great role. Imagine nothing happens if you like a post on Instagram. How will you know if the action you have performed is successful or not? Or if the scroller never guides you, where are you on a page. It will make it confusing and hard to understand. So, micro-interactions will stand among the top UI trends in 2023.

5. Bold Typography

Bold fonts have made their way back this year. A well-designed page with bold text helps grab the attention. Bold text slows the reader and grabs the text more carefully. This is the reason using bold text on your home page is recommended as it helps to convey your message more efficiently. Many websites are using bold text to improve website design in 2023.

6. Minimalism And Buttonless

Minimalism is a user-friendly trend in UI design. It enables the users to have an intuitive and purposeful journey with the interface's core elements. This trend is linked to a buttonless tendency, that of simplified design.Moreover, while considering the minimalist interfaces, sophistication and uncluttered design are the salient factors. It helps to bring aesthetic satisfaction as one of the core factors that eventually create a desirable UI.

7. Remote and Virtual Collaboration Tools

These days, many people are working remotely and are using virtual collaboration tools. These tools have made working remotely a piece of cake. Many old and new virtual collaboration tool designs are being updated to make them more interactive for the users. Since working remotely is still in trend, so is the design of remote and virtual collaboration tools.

8. Complex Gradients

Gradients are back in town. Complex gradients add depth to flat images so, have become a trend in 2022. Gradients help add visual interest guiding the user to move through the design.

9. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The introduction of the metaverse has revolutionized the industry. The introduction of AR and VR highly affect the way designers will work in the future. Moving away from screen-centered interfaces will eventually involve introducing new UX design rules which will make help the users interact with the software in a better way.

10. 3D Design

Some trends are there to stay. 3D designs are despite being used for a long time, but still add life to your designs. They are used in UI to enhance web interfaces and add an eye-catching element to websites.

11. Glassmorphism And Glass Inspired Elements

This is a new trend in UI design. This design style has a frosted glass look which adds depth and visual hierarchy to your design and is used to put focus on the content you want to highlight. Designers have employed the Glassmorphic effect to create visual appeal to interfaces ranging from website landing pages, dashboards, and mobile app interfaces to UI components such as cards, login screens, and app onboarding screens.

Summing Up

With the rise of pandemic and the introduction of the metaverse in the past years, UI/ UX design trends have changed. Designers need to keep up with the changing trends as an updated design gives your users a feeling of freshness. It also proves the commitment of the company to the product. These are our top 9 UI/UX trends that websites are using to make them more interactive. Contact Us for the best UI UX design and development services for your website.

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