Nov 22, 2023

Is Custom Software Development For Startups Any Good?

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Startups are not easy, they are not only risky but also very challenging. To make a startup successful, the idea should be innovative enough to compete with well-established businesses. Selecting the right software is an important building block for a company. For startups, there are two options to choose from, off-the-shelf software or custom software. Custom software development for startups might feel overwhelming due to the cost, but in the long run, it serves the price. On the other hand, initially, companies think that COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software) is the better option as they are not very expensive and readily available with so many features.Each type of software has its pros and cons. As the name suggests, custom software focuses on a narrow yet defined set of needs, focusing primarily on the needs of the client. If you are looking for a unique identity for your business that will make its name in the market then you should know why you should invest in custom software development for your startup.

Custom Software is Unique

As the name suggests, it is custom built so it is unique. None of your competitors will have the same user interface and features as you. This innovative idea will help you stand out among the ocean of companies that will be providing the same service as you. Business is all about knowing your client's needs. When you start to offer them what they need then the game is yours.Another great advantage of custom software is that your design and user experience will be consistent. It can be design it according to your brand logo giving your business a unique identity.

You Own It

Having complete control over the software is the best thing. You are not limited by the number of users that can access the software, or you don’t have to worry about the costs of upgrading the software. Another advantage is that you can customize and add features to it whenever you need them. It's yours and you will decide when to implement or upgrade it according to your needs.

It Grows With Your Company

Custom software is more scalable and flexible, so as your business expands you can upgrade your software. Having custom software gives you the ability to adapt to change quickly with the change in technology, which helps you stay up to date with the technology and business trends.Another advantage of custom software development for startups is that it maintains business efficiency and productivity while adapting to the new changes and emerging needs effortlessly.

Enhanced Security

Security is a key factor for any business and it becomes a major issue for startups. COTS software is easy to hack and reach your private information which can leave drastic effects on your business. Many companies cannot recover from the damage that hackers make by accessing their confidential information.Custom software development makes it difficult to hack or be the target of cyber-attacks, as it comes with extra security measures in place. Your software is not publicly available so it has special security codes and implemented encryption, that gives better cyber assessments.

No Sudden Risks

For commercial software, the cost of the software depends on the manufacturer, terms and conditions, and the future of the business. Moreover, if the manufacturer stops providing updates or turns bankrupt you'll have to look for another vendor quickly. This will cause a whole lot of chaos for your business resulting in less productivity and loss.To avoid these problems custom software development is a better solution for startups. You’ll own the software and update and regulate it according to your needs. Although, maintaining the software might be expensive but it will be much less compared to the loss a company may face if a vendor stops providing the service of off-shelf software suddenly.

Better Integration

Sure it feels like a great idea to use various tools from different vendors for all your requirements. Although in reality, that’s not the case. The only way to a successful business is to use one vendor only. As tools from different vendors may not integrate well with your business architecture and requirements.Custom software development comes with great integration of different applications of your business saving you a lot of effort in doing contracts with different vendors and then working on the integration process. Custom software provides a streamlined technological ecosystem delivering value to your customers.

Easy to Innovate

Innovation and customer satisfaction are key to a successful business. When you start your business you aim to make it a brand in the market, for this you'll have to do something out of the box. If you use a commercial off the shelf software then you are bound, and cannot think of any new features which will make you no special than your competitors.To bring new levels to your business, you need to know what your customers need and then according to that you should continuously update your software. This is only possible if you have custom software developed for your business.

Employee Productivity

Whenever you introduce software to your company, you have to train your employees for it. If you opt for COTS software then you'll have to provide them with the training on how to use the software. Moreover, if the software does not have all the features that your employees require then it may cause a hindrance to productivity.Having custom software comes with all the features that your employees require and in-house training provides greater productivity and creativity resulting in the positive growth of the business.

Summing Up

Customizing software with minimum needs is a smart idea. It is easy to scale and saves you from wasting money on off-shelf software, that might not integrate properly with your business. The money saved can be used for leveling up your business strategies. Custom software development for a startup is a great way to step into the world of technology, you don’t have to wait to become an enterprise for your custom software.We at whizzbridge understand our client's needs and requirements and then develop a plan which meets the company standard and is future-proof. Our team of expert developers strives hard to provide you with unique, flexible, and scalable custom software so that you can upgrade it as you grow.Also read:6 Fundamental Steps: Before Outsourcing Custom Software Development Company?

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