Nov 22, 2023

6 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Software Development Company

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After you plan to hire a software development company, the first step is often a discovery call. Although discovery calls are somewhat intimidating - they offer the opportunity for both the buyer and the seller to get to know the other person and determine whether they can provide a needed value or benefit. So, before we get to the "6 important questions", here are some tips for a productive discovery call.

Tips for Productive Discovery Call Before Hiring a Software Development Company

Having a productive discovery call matters as it sets the beginning of a good relationship between you and the other company. So, to achieve the desired results from your discovery call, here are some tips for you.

1. Do Your Research

Learn as much as you can about the company before the discovery call. This research will help you plan questions you need to ask during the call. Here are some things you can do during your research about a custom software development company.

  • Look if the company is experienced in your niche.
  • Thoroughly look at the company portfolio.
  • Know their technology stack.
  • Client reviews- Clutch and Good Firms

Doing proper research for hiring a Software Development Company is very important. It not only tells you about the company, but also helps to build a call agenda that includes questions about the company and the person you’re talking to.

2. Set A Clear Agenda

The first few minutes of a discovery call are very important as they set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Start your call by quickly reviewing your agenda so it’s clear to your prospect that you respect time.The first thing you want to do is introduce yourself, your company name, and your role within it. You can also add a little humor to break the ice and make a smooth discovery call.After that, start sharing your company goals and needs. You can start by saying, “This call is for us to get to know your company and how you can help us. In the end, if we think it’s a good fit for both of us, I’ll schedule a follow-up with my team to talk to you about the next steps.”

3. Make Sure to Have a Two-way Conversation

Having a two-way conversation is another important tip. This builds trust and helps improve the free flow of ideas during your call. It has been observed that discovery calls having an average talk-listen ratio are more successful.You should avoid asking questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Rather, rephrase your questions for a more detailed answer. For example, rather than asking “Can you solve our problem?” ask, “How will you fix our problem?” These types of questions will help you better understand the company.Clearly explain your goals and needs during your call. This information is helpful for the prospective software company because, in the next phase, instead of giving a general pitch, they’ll be ready to explain how they can solve your business problems.Avoid running through your questions like a robot- instead, ask your questions naturally during the conversation and allow plenty of time for discussion in between each one. This will help in having a smooth conversation and you'll get detailed answers to your questions.

4. Discuss Costs and Challenges

Share your budget for the project during the call. Setting a mutual cost agreement early in the project can help move the project along and keep prices adjustable when necessary. Moreover, also discuss the challenges that you might face during the entire process of software development and listen to what solutions the software company has to offer.If you have not planned your budget, you need to step back and prepare yourself before outsourcing a custom software development company.

5. Have a Positive Sign-Off

Leave the prospect with a good feeling even if you don’t choose them. Listen to what he has to say and positively encourage them in what they do. If you plan to do business with them, schedule a follow-up meeting with them to plan the next steps.

6 Must Ask Discovery Questions Before Hiring a Software Development Company

When it comes to hiring a software development partner, it can be difficult, since it will have a major impact on your business. So, here is a list of 6 must-have questions you should ask during the discovery call.

1. Do you have any experience with similar projects?

Past performance usually predicts future results. So, you should get an overall idea about the skill level of your potential software firm by looking at their experience. Their expertise needs to match the needs of your project.

2. What technologies are you specialized in?

If you want to use a specific technology, ensure that the outsourcing/custom software development provider is familiar with it. In case you have not yet decided on the technology, be sure the company has the expertise to assist you in deciding the best approach for your project–Java, JavaScript, .Net, Angular, SAP, etc.Make sure you know what they are accustomed to working with to find out where they are strongest.

3. How many developers do you have available and what are their seniority levels?

To ensure your project is managed efficiently, you should make sure your hired software team is knowledgeable about the technology you are interested in and how many juniors, middlers, and seniors will manage your project, depending on the project's complexity. You can also ask for their blind CVs.

4. What’s your strong point?

You should ask this question even if you have realized it–as many companies like to share it on their website. This is a great question for many reasons. First, you'll get to know if the company still believes it’s their strong point. Second, it tells you about the credibility of the company, and if they have the same motive on all platforms.

5. How do you communicate during the project?

Communication is the key to success when it comes to any cooperation between an external software development company and the hiring firm. Make sure that the company you’ve chosen understands that quick, regular, and transparent communication is something to leverage. Ask how often you will have calls with the development team and what communication tools you will use to make sure you have a productive dialogue.

6. Will you maintain the code after it is launched and do I own the code?

Even after the software has been completed and handed over, there is still work to be done. New updates, bug fixes, and new functionality will need to be added from time to time. You should inquire about the maintenance and support provided by your potential software development team.

Ending Note

You don’t need to ask all these questions, or you can ask your questions. But remember, the more questions you ask before you seal the deal, the better. The questioning saves you from any future problems, and it makes it clear whether both parties are on the same page.We hope our quick guide helps you in achieving a productive discovery call with the Software Development Company you might hire. If you’re looking for the right fit for your software development company, you’re always invited to reach out to us.

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