Jul 10, 2023

Best Cyber Monday SaaS Deals 2022

If your eyes were set on buying a SaaS platform, you would not find a better money-saving offer than the Cyber Monday deals.

If your eyes were set on buying a SaaS platform, you would not find a better money-saving offer than the Cyber Monday deals. Whether it is a project management and team collaboration app, CMS, Human Resource software, or any other SaaS solution, if there's a right time to invest in it, it's now. With Cyber Monday around the corner and many SaaS deals already active, our team put together a list of the best deals you and your businesses cannot live without this coming year. There are discounts you cannot avoid; let's check out some of the best Cyber Monday SaaS deals you will find too good to resist. Here we go!

Click Up - (Project Management Tool)

ClickUp is the ultimate cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It includes every tool you need to plan, organize, and collaborate on projects, with an easy-to-use interface. You can use this tool for managing everything from daily operations to complex projects, even your business' entire workflow.Offer: Get 20% off our Unlimited and Business Plans  Promo Code: CYBERUPDates when this is active: Nov 22- Dec 3

Nifty - (Project Management Tool)

Nifty is a project management tool that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining all of the essential features of project management into one software. The result is milestone-driven progress that inspires teams, ensuring organizational goals remain on schedule.Offer:  Get 30% off on all PlansPromo Code: BFD30Dates when this is Active: Nov 24 – Nov 28

Apploye - (Employee Tracking Software)

Time tracking can help business owners track down the performance time of the employees in an organization hence improving productivity. Apployee is a simple time-tracking software it enables businesses to monitor employees' working hours. It randomly captures screenshots, tracks activity, and measures the amount of time spent using various apps. It offers many other features like payroll, invoicing, reports, project & budgets, task management, and GPS location tracking.Managers can analyze time reports of individuals and compare them with the last week's performance to assess if there's an improvement in employee productivity. The tool's Live Feed shows which tasks and projects your staff is working on and their most recent start time.Offer: Flat 15% offPromo Code: apploye-15Dates when this is Active: Nov 28- Dec 3

Cyber Monday Deals on Content Management Tools


Narrato Workspace is perfect for managing your content and workflow in one easy-to-access place. It enables seamless collaboration with your entire content team, clients, and stakeholders. Enjoy the convenience of having all your content tools in one place with Narrato with this fantastic Cyber Monday deal.Offer: Get flat 30% off Lifetime on any plan on Narrato WorkspacePromo Code: BFCM22Dates when this is Active: Until Dec 5


By choosing several types of content and their distribution methods, you diversify the channels through which we reach potential customers.Contadu is an NLP-powered platform for efficient content planning and optimization. A simple and intuitive editor will allow content creation based on crucial ranking factors, inspirations, and valuable ideas that increase readers' interest. It also enables a quick competitor analysis and easy content writing with AI Based on machine learning and NLP recommendations; it helps plan and optimize your content efficiently to rank higher.Offer: Get flat 50% off Promo Code:  No Promo code is needed. Sign Up using the claim the offer link!Dates when this is active: Nov 21 – Nov 29

Cyber Monday Deals on Sales & CRM tools

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool for sales and marketing teams. With NetHunt CRM, you can organize the customer base, segment it for personalized communication, and build a pipeline to see where the deals are stuck. It's natively integrated with Gmail and LinkedIn.It also automates your entire sales pipeline, from lead capture to nurturing sequences to tasks and reminders.Create reports to see how your business progresses, how the team performs, and what processes can be improved. Build forecasts you can trust.Offer: Get flat 20% offPromo Code:  NH_BF_2022

Reply CRM

Reply is a full-cycle sales engagement platform that allows you to connect with prospective customers across multiple channels at scale while keeping every touchpoint personal.From email search and validation to AI-powered assistants and a powerful deliverability suite, there are tools to streamline every aspect of the process. This helps your team stay focused on revenue-generating tasks and eliminate administrative work.Offer: 75% off the first four months on any Reply plan Promo Code: HOLIDAYOFFER2022Dates when this is active: Dec 31

Cyber Monday Deals on Creative Tools

Breadnbeyond (Animated Video Software)

Saas businesses are always looking for ways to promote their product or service, and what could be better than an animated explainer video? Breadnbeyond is an award-winning explainer video company specializing in producing animated explainer videos. We create engaging animated explainer videos that help you introduce your brand, product, or service to the world – all from scratch, with no template.Offer: up to 40% discount on their retail pricePromo Code: No Promo code is needed. Sign Up using the claim the offer link!Dates when this is Active: Nov 24 – Dec 5


If you often deal with worksheets, newsletters, official forms, and legal documents that must be filled in and signed in, then PDF liner will become your go-to solution. PDFLiner is the all-in-one feature-rich cloud-based online platform for working with PDF documents: edit, electronically sign, fill in, add custom branding and content, make your documents fillable and share files.Offer: Get 40% OFF on any plan of PDFLiner.Promo Code:  BLACKFRIDAY22Dates when this is active: Nov 10 – Nov 30


Pixpa is a good website builder for starting a portfolio/photography site or a small online store. The builder is easy to use, making it a very tempting option for both beginners and more advanced users.Offer:50% discount on new subscriptionsPromo Code: BLFPIXPA50Dates when this is active: Nov 24 - Dec 31

Cyber Monday Deals on Lead Generation Softwares


Findthatlead is the favorite tool of marketers, growth hackers, and sales experts to prospect, generate leads, and scale business. The platform provides you with contact information from public sources with its search and prospecting tools and helps you run email campaigns to contact leads – all in one tool.Offer: up to 50% discount on their yearly planPromo Code: No Promo code is needed. Sign Up using the claim the offer link!Dates when this is active: Nov 21 – Dec 5


Automate smart engagement strategies to reach your prospects sooner and hit your SQLs goals faster! Scrab helps you automate your LinkedIn profile by sending invitations and messages to generate new clients. Growth hackers design the tool to answer every question about how to generate sales leads through LinkedIn.Offer: up to 50% discount on their yearly planPromo Code: No Promo code is needed. Sign Up using the claim the offer link!Dates when this is active: Nov 21 – Dec 5

Big Saver Cyber Monday Software Deals


Email campaigns can help you engage existing customers. MailTrap is an email delivery platform comprising an Email API and Email Sandbox that allows you to keep your app's email infrastructure in one place.With these services, you can achieve greater control over your domain authority, get timely email deliverability alerts, store up to 60 days of email logs for better troubleshooting, and much more. Using Email API, you can get your deliverability performance's ins and outs via critical in-app stats and weekly reports filled with rich data.Offer: Up to 70% off for paid plansPromo Code: BFCM22Dates when this is active: Nov 25- Dec 9


AdSpyder is an ad intelligence tool that provides analytical insights into your competitor's digital advertising strategy. It enables you to monitor advertisements across multiple platforms: Google Search, Google Ecommerce, Facebook, and display ads from Yahoo!Offer: Get up to 90% OFF on all annual plansDates when this is active: Dec 31

Choose your Favourite Cyber Monday Deals

Finally! The best Cyber Monday software deals for business in 2022 are up for grabs. Feel free to catch whatever discount you see fit before it expires. Happy holiday season, everyone!

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