Professional custom software development company Vs. Freelancers: Choose your partner

ou have a business idea but need a competent developer for its implementation. Your mind is filled with questions like who should I hire: independent contractors or...

You have a business idea but need a competent developer for its implementation. Your mind is filled with questions like who should I hire: independent contractors or in-house teams? Freelance developers vs. professional custom software development company: which is better?There is not a single-word answer to these questions. Many variables affect the final choice, such as task complexity, project duration, product-specific and technical matters, and the need for continued maintenance and updating. But don't worry; we are here to guide you through all the pros and cons of development companies vs. freelancers. By the end of our discussion, you will identify which suits your company best.

Taking a look at a professional custom software development company!

So, let's start with a professional custom software development company that usually has on board representatives of nearly all professions: the developers of websites/mobile apps, testers, product managers, content makers, designers, analysts, etc. Moreover, they offer professional full-cycle services from consulting to product maintenance.Generally, there are two ways to pay a dev agency: on a "time and material" or "fixed price" basis. It is also crucial to note that the client transfers the entire product's and the source code's rights to the executor.

Pros of a professional company

Offers a full package

A professional software development company offers you a complete solution, such as professional consulting, business analysis, and business idea evaluation. It can help you determine your monetization strategy before your product is developed. These steps are essential before starting a project, especially if you are a start-up. Moreover, when you plan to work with a company, you get a complete package of designers, developers, managers, QAs, and others. Each employee plays a unique role, unlike freelancers who are more like all-in-ones.

Diverse experiences

Outsourcing a custom software development company means having a team of professionals with diverse experiences in every field. They have tackled many projects and therefore have much greater expertise. There's almost always a skilled expert ready to sort out a given issue. But you should not just choose any custom software development company, thinking everyone is evenly experienced, but look for client reviews on trusted websites like clutch. co and good firms.

Up-to-date with new technologies and trends

Software development companies are constantly evolving and improving; they know current software trends and new programming languages and can provide up-to-date solutions.

Organized workflow

When working with a professional company, the project is developed in a more organized way as compared to freelancers. You need to get in touch with project managers, check reports and give approval or modifications for the next stage. This organized workflow enables companies to meet deadlines.

No legal issues

Hiring a professional company is more secure as they are legal business entities, offering greater stability and less risk. Another benefit of an outsourcing software company is that it protects the confidentiality of your business. Moreover, you'll not have to worry about legal matters as they will take care of all the documentation. Just read carefully before signing any contacts.

Your company's success is their success

Software development companies care about their reputation and therefore strive to develop the best out-of-the-box solutions and products for your business. While freelancers can become ghosts, companies cannot. You won't face breaks or stoppages due to unavailability, as one developer can quickly replace another developer from within the firm.

Long-term relations and constant support

Professional companies aim to build long-term relationships based on trust with their customers. They believe in focusing on the quality of the projects rather than the quantity. When talking about long-term relationships, it means not only new project development but also the constant maintenance of current products, regular updates, bug fixes, and maybe even adding additional functionality.

Cons of a professional company

Higher rates

Obviously, the software development team has higher rates than the freelance developer. It makes sense because they make money from the margin they put on their professionals' hourly rates. Moreover, you get a whole team of experts to deal with any issue you might face during the developmental process.

Non-flexible time

Another point is that, as a company, they have corporate rules and policies that may not be convenient for you. For example, if the project they've delivered needs an urgent fix in the middle of the night, you'll be obliged to pay for overtime or the graveyard shift. With a freelancer, you hire anyone available and pay the usual price.

Taking a look at the freelance developer!

Freelance developers can work in 3 modes (contract, freelance, and full-time). Usually, they are hired for specific projects and sign temporary contracts. One thing to remember about freelancers is that they run several projects simultaneously, so they are not just working for you.

Pros of hiring a freelance developer

Reduced costs

Most freelancers charge lower rates than software development companies. Still, even if a professional freelancer's hourly rates seem high, you can generally expect to save 20-30% off the cost of a development company. For starters, you don't have to cover overhead costs for the whole team. Also, by hiring an independent contractor, you aren't paying for a large company's office space and office supply costs.

Easy to find

There are a plethora of freelancing websites to find a required specialist: Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, or Hubstaff Talent. The only thing you have to do is look for your perfect candidate and agree on the terms and conditions of your project, create the contract and submit the milestone. If your selected candidate does not agree with your terms and conditions or you change your mind, you can cancel and look for other options.

Highly skilled in one specific area

As freelancers run their businesses, they usually strive to hone their skills and get solid expertise in one area. This is why hiring a freelancer for specific tasks or completing projects similar to those they've already implemented can be beneficial. To show their expertise, freelancers usually have a portfolio on the freelancing sites, and you can also read the client reviews.

More time flexible

Have an urgent issue that needs to be resolved outside of working hours? Freelancers are more time flexible in this situation, as they workday and night to complete their projects as soon as possible.

Cons of hiring a freelance developer

They may disappear at any stage

It may seem like a nightmare, but freelancers ghost their clients sometimes. Just imagine that after all conditions, terms, and payment are specified, the project is about to launch, and your developer stops responding. This usually happens when you choose a developer from an unreliable freelancing site or individual contractors without accurate means to guarantee delivery. Pro tip: Don't depend on a single; shortlist some other candidates beforehand as Plan B.

Quality of work

Furthermore, not all freelance developers care about the quality of accomplished work, as your company's success may not be its top priority. Generic platforms like Upwork or People Per Hour don't invest in vetting freelancers listed on their websites. So it's like you bump into someone whose aim is to earn some quick cash and rapidly pass the project. Reputational risks are not of the utmost importance for such freelancers, as there's always the possibility of creating a new account or working anonymously.

Lack of organizational skills

Keep in mind that while you're not going to manage your project, you might face mismanagement as freelancers may be good at their work but not always great at planning and organizing their work processes. This can lead to problems with meeting deadlines.

No maintenance and support

After building a website, or mobile application, the remote developer completes the job and usually does not provide further maintenance. So, if you plan to hire someone to do the project from scratch and expect them to provide support, you will have to find other freelancers to fix the bugs and do the maintenance occasionally. The downside of this situation is that you might get a code that no one can maintain and support. Next thing you do then? Start the whole project from scratch and hope it turns out better this time.

Confidentiality concerns

Since there are not many legal agreements done before hiring a freelance developer, privacy can become a concern. Many businesses and companies cannot afford to face confidentiality issues, so hiring a freelancer is not an option for them. Of course, you can ask freelancers to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), but you'll still have to weigh the risks.

Who is your perfect partner?

From the very start of this post, we point out that there is no universal response to whether you should cooperate with the freelancer or with a whole professional software development company. From the whole discussion, we can conclude that if you have small rapid projects, you can hire freelancers. But working with independent contractors may become a challenge if you have a scope of work as planned major projects and don't know how to manage freelancers. Remember to find a contractor whose experience matches your needs, and never decide on cost alone. Software development companies like Whizzbridge may even help you save money in the long run as they focus on the quality of their work. Finally, ensure to protect your interests regarding intellectual property and legal concerns. We hope this will help you make a wise choice. Good luck with your project!

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