Nov 13, 2023

Latest trends in UX/UI design in 2021

In 2021, UX/UI trends emphasized minimalism, dark themes, neumorphism, 3D elements, VUI, AR/VR integration, and accessibility for enhanced user satisfaction.

Trends change almost every year in the digital world. From websites to smartphone apps, you can observe how frequently they get updated nowadays. To keep up with the changing trends, these updates incorporate the trends of the time that are mostly the features that are aimed at facilitating the users.With how rapidly the digital world is advancing, it can be hard to keep up with the trends of the year. If you have been wondering about the latest trends in UX/UI design in 2021, you have come to the right place.In this article, we will list a few of the topmost trends in UX/UI design in 2021. You can also reach out to our consultant for help.

Virtual connectivity features

As we enter the third year with Covid-19, work from home or school from home is still a common phenomenon. With the viral strains mutating, there seems hardly a chance for the world to go back to normal any soon. Virtual connectivity tools are more popular than ever. Everyone is using them, be it offices or educational institutions. So, it is no surprise when you see virtual connectivity features as the first trend, we pick for 2021. Numerous apps and channels are focusing on introducing a virtual collaboration of their own to keep the users engaged on their platform.

Dark mode

Introduced in 2016 and peaking in recent years, the dark mode has gotten many hooked to it. From apps like YouTube to Instagram, almost every other app has it. The dark mode is not only liked because of its darker colour but many people prefer it as it puts less strain on the eyes. In 2021, users will have many other apps with an option for a darker mode. Interestingly, the dark mode is also known to save the battery of OLED screen smartphones. Users who find the text hard to read on social apps can also benefit from it. The contrast of black background with white text written on it has better readability.


Animations are always a good hook by the developers to enhance the user experience. We all love animations, especially if they are on websites. We would love to break it to you that animations in the form of elements are making a comeback this year. You would see many websites or smartphone apps even focusing on them. These animations look fun and provide the users with something to look at for at least a few seconds. This enhances the overall user time which then positively impacts the website. These animations can set the websites apart from their competition. They can make the website more memorable.

Big typography in intriguing colours

What was once a hit and then a miss in the decades of sophistication and simplicity is making a comeback once again. The bold typography is back to make UX/UI design in 2021 a bit wilder for the digital world. The typography in the past few years has been following the ‘less is more mantra. The simple yet sophisticated typography in minimal colours has had its years. The users want to be surprised or intrigued by something bold. What can be better than the big ol’ typography in popping colours? You would see digital marketers making bold choices in typography and text colour whether it is for the website or the overall branding of a company in the year 2021.

Minimal code platforms

Aimed at facilitating the users even more, no to minimal code platforms are going to be the talk of the town in 2021. There are numerous already available platforms that do not require prior knowledge about coding to get started with. In UX/UI design in 2021, we are going to see a rise in the number of such platforms. Coding can be a lot messy for beginners. So, in order to allow everyone, with or without much coding skills, to create their own website, minimal code platforms will be introduced. Minimal code platforms are also aimed at facilitating the startups to enter the digital world without having to worry about employing a separate team for it. These platforms will strengthen the digital world even more.


With that said, there is a lot more to look out for when it comes to the latest trends in UX/UI design in 2021. The latest trends in UX/UI design in 2021 surely breathe life into an otherwise wordy website/app. We expect a lot more interactive options to be it in icons or larger elements of the website/apps in the upcoming years. Let us wait until we find ourselves surrounded by virtual reality in the digital world.Do letus know which one is your favourite in the comment section below. Until then, it is a wrap from us!

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