Migration Of MS Access Based Legacy System To A Modern Web-Based Solution


Tools & technologies


This is a full service structural steel detailing company with a global footprint and geographically diverse teams. They were managing Timesheets, Budgeting and Project Analytics through an MS Access Database which had to be updated manually through a spreadsheets import process. This process resulted in challenges such as loss of time and resources in preparing reports, lack of real-time visibility into projects, delay in decision making due to absence of key metrics and limited analytics and insights.

What We Did

Complex Budget Creation: The application facilitates the creation of complex project budgets, accommodating various cost elements and factors, ensuring accurate financial planning and control.

Employee Database: The web-based platform includes a comprehensive employee database that stores and manages personnel information, streamlining the time sheet submission process and ensuring accurate tracking of individual contributions.

Streamlined Time Sheet Submission: Employees can easily submit their timesheets through the web application, eliminating the need for manual Excel file submissions.

Project Dashboards: Managers have access to an intuitive dashboard displaying real-time project hours, progress, and budget comparisons for effective project management.

Automated Notifications: The platform sends automated reminders to employees for timely submission of time sheets, reducing delay sand improving data accuracy.

Data Visualization: The reporting and analytics module presented data in visually engaging charts and graphs for easy interpretation and decision-making.

WhizzBridge's Solution

We developed a cloud based web application that automates the process of timesheets submission and project hours tracking, enabling all employees from different office locations to seamlessly report their time spent on each project. The unified platform streamlines time tracking, project costs, and profits, providing both staff and project managers with a comprehensive tool to enhance project efficiency. Additionally, our reports deliver instant information and real-time access to key metrics empowering effective decision-making.


Time Savings: The new system significantly reduced the time required for manual data entry and consolidation, saving an average of 20 hours per month.

Real-time Tracking: The ability to track project hours in real-time led to an improvement in project progress visibility and better resource allocation.

Data Accuracy: Data integrity improved, and the occurrence of errors in time sheet submissionsdecreased by 80%, leading to reliable data for decision-making.

Efficiency Gains: The streamlined process resulted in a 25% reduction in administrative overhead relatedto time tracking and project management tasks.

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