Transforming Analytical Data Platform for a Competitive Edge


This is a technology company that provides various products which help skilled nursing home operators and investors to see facilitate smooth operations and transparent risk assessment with the help of insightful KPIs, ratings, and search capabilities.

Tools & technologies

WhizzBridge’s Solution

They sought to revamp their Analytical Data Platform to gain a competitive edge in their market space. We conducted a thorough analysis of their existing system, identified core pain points, and crafted tailored solution options. Our goal was to provide a solution that aligned with their future growth and differentiation strategy. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices, we developed an enhanced platform with advanced data analytics capabilities, streamlined workflows, and improved data visualization. This revamped platform empowered Them to extract valuable insights efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and establish themselves as market leaders.

What We Did

Revamp of data ingestion pipeline on Azure using Azure Data factory , python and Azure functions.

Designing data lake on ADLS (Azure Data lake Storage) and data warehouse on SQL persistent layer using star Schema.

Designing transformation engine using dbt (Data Build Tool) and/or SQL Server procedural code TSQL.

Designing a semantic layer using semantic layer platform, which provides, downstream system integration, Data Modeling capabilities and Access control.

Data Quality and data governance control using great expectations and custom data cataloging.

Integration and implementation of the solution with existing application.

The Results

They got visibility to achieve competitive edge which would attract more clients and bring more business for the company, and on achieving operational efficiencies and reduce overheads

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