Full time

Front End Developer (React)

Front End Developer (React)

Whizzbridge is hiring FrontEnd Developer(React)  in Lahore. WhizzBridge is a technology solutions provider and a talent enabler. On one hand it offers its clients access to best of the breed engineering talent and deliver their mission critical projects using industry’s best practices. On the other hand, it attracts and trains engineering talent on the cutting-edge technologies, programming languages and project management practices that set them up for successful professional and financial growth.

What we offer:

• Paid Leaves

• Medical Insurance

• Career Progression Program


• Company Paid Udemy Courses and Cloud Certifications

Job Responsibilities:

• Develop new user-facing features using modern React.js libraries and practices.

• Collaborate with designers and back-end engineers to translate UI/UX mockups into clean, maintainable, and reusable React components.

• Optimize components for maximum performance across various devices and browsers.

• Identify and implement best practices for code maintainability, readability, and testability.

• Write unit tests for your code.

• Troubleshoot and debug complex UI issues.

• Stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in React and related technologies.

• Take part in inward and outward-facing discussions.

Job Requirements:

• 1-3 years of professional experience as a React Developer.

• Strong grasp of Typescript and ESLinting techniques.

• Strong understanding of React.js core concepts and principles (JSX, components, state management, etc.).

• Experience with unit testing frameworks (Jest, Mocha, React Testing Library, etc.) is a must...

• Proficiency in JavaScript (ES6+) and related web development technologies (HTML, CSS).

• Experience with a modern build toolchain (Vite etc.).

• Passion for building beautiful and user-friendly web applications.

• Experience with Redux, React ContextAPI, or other state management solutions.

• Experience with styling libraries (Ant Design, ShadCN, React Bootstrap, Material-UI, etc.).

• Experience with server-side rendering (Next.js, Gatsby, etc.).

• Strong communication and collaboration skills are also a must...

• Ability to work independently and as part of a team