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Welcome to WhizzBridge, your go-to partner for cutting-edge React Native development services. Empower your mobile app with the versatility, efficiency, and performance offered by React Native. At WhizzBridge, we specialize in crafting seamless, cross-platform mobile applications that ensure an exceptional user experience.

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React Native iOS and Android Applications

React Native iOS and Android Applications

WhizzBridge excels in crafting React Native applications that seamlessly run on iOS and Android platforms. Benefit from a unified and efficient development process that ensures a consistent user experience across diverse devices.

Migration Services

Migration Services

Transform your existing mobile app with WhizzBridge's expertise in migration services. Our team seamlessly migrates custom software applications to React Native, enhancing performance, adding new features, and broadening your app's reach.

User-Centric Design

User-Centric Design

Delight your users with WhizzBridge's user-centric design approach for React Native applications. Our UI/UX design services ensure an engaging and intuitive mobile app experience, driving user satisfaction and retention.

Third-Party Integration Services

Third-Party Integration Services

Ensure seamless integration with third-party services and platforms through WhizzBridge's expertise. Our third-party integration services for React Native apps enhance functionality, providing a comprehensive and connected user experience.

React Native App Maintenance

React Native App Maintenance

WhizzBridge goes beyond development, offering continuous support and maintenance for your React Native app. Stay confident with regular updates, performance monitoring, and feature enhancements to keep your app relevant and efficient.

Server-Side Mobile APIs

Server-Side Mobile APIs

Optimize your React Native app's performance with WhizzBridge's server-side mobile API expertise. Our team ensures efficient communication between the client and server, enhancing your mobile application's overall functionality and responsiveness.

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React Native Consultants

Engage WhizzBridge for unparalleled React Native Consultants. Our experienced team is ready to transform your mobile app vision into a reality, combining expertise, efficiency, and innovation. Partner with us for a mobile app development service that exceeds expectations.

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Why choose React Native for mobile app development?

React Native offers the advantage of cross-platform development, allowing you to build apps that run seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. This efficiency saves time and resources while maintaining quality.

What are the features of React?

React boasts several key features that contribute to its popularity and effectiveness in web development:

-Virtual DOM: React utilizes a virtual DOM to enhance performance by minimizing direct manipulation of the actual DOM, ensuring efficient updates.
-Component-Based Architecture: React follows a modular, component-based structure, allowing developers to create reusable UI components for streamlined development and maintenance.
-JSX Syntax: JSX simplifies the integration of JavaScript logic within HTML, providing a more intuitive and readable syntax for building user interfaces.
-One-Way Data Binding: React enforces a unidirectional data flow, making it easier to manage the state and control the flow of data within the application.
-React Native: Extending beyond the web, React Native allows developers to build cross-platform mobile applications using the same React principles.

Do Hooks replace Redux?

While React Hooks introduced state management within functional components, they don't entirely replace Redux. Hooks manage component-level state, providing a more concise alternative for local state management. On the other hand, Redux excels in managing global state, making it suitable for complex applications with extensive data sharing between components. In some cases, a combination of Hooks for the local state and Redux for the global state offers an optimal solution.

Why use React instead of other frameworks like Angular?

The choice between React and Angular often depends on project requirements and developer preferences. React stands out for its simplicity, flexibility, and shallow learning curve. Developers appreciate the ability to integrate. While more opinionated, Angular provides a comprehensive solution with built-in tools, making it suitable for large-scale, enterprise-level applications.

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"I had live access to the design files, and we had short stand-ups that the team was always well prepared for."
Gavin Doughty
CEO, RespondAbility
"They were excellent from a project management perspective."
Andrew Hall
CEO, Sumdog
"They were responsive to changes that came up mid-project and still kept on pace."
Mark Schlake
CEO, Club Passports
"They are willing to stick it out and keep looking for engineers that match our strict expectations."
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Ron Taylor
CTO, Studies Weekly
"The flexibility, friendly communication, price, support, and deliverables are incredible."
Michael Umschlag
VP of Engineering, Market Research Company
"This team did a great job of climbing into our heads."
Spencer B.
Director of Product, Nursing Home Analytics Platform

Frequently asked questions

Types of engagement models of working on Salesforce Project?
Custom software development is designing, developing, and producing software for specific users, processes, and business requirements. Essentially, it is just normal software development but with a tailor-made goal for who will use it, when and where it will be used, and how to use it.
Do I need custom software for my business?
A custom business software solution increases your process efficiency through process automation. Through automation, your key resources can better focus on the important activities that will add value to your business.

Custom software can scale with your business needs to accommodate new changes or processes. It gives you the ability to personalize the software. In other words, you can request specific designs and features that would make your product unique in the marketplace.It also offers the advantage of lower integration costs.

Custom software development can either replace or consolidate your existing solutions to achieve greater productivity, thus improving your competitive edge.
How much does it cost?
Estimating the exact development cost of custom software is challenging because every piece of software is tailor-made and unique. No two custom-built applications are the same. Hence, sharing an approximation of general costs without understanding the project’s specific requirements is challenging. However, costs depend on various factors, such as the software project type and the development team size.

Get on a call with out consultant and we will be happy to assist you with costing.
Which Custom Software Development services to we offer?
Whizzbridge, as one of the fastest-growing custom software development companies, offers a full suite of offshore software development services, including:

Software consulting services
Enterprise software development services
Software product development services
Mobile Application Development Services
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“Honestly, they felt like people we knew for 10 years.”

Whizzbridge’s work met the client's expectations and deadlines. During the engagement, they were highly communicative and went the extra mile for the project. Overall, the team was efficient, hardworking, and thoughtful.

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Lou Costa
Head of Operations at Company

“They are willing to stick it out and keep looking for engineers that match our strict expectations.”

WhizzBridge feels like a part of their team. They ask questions with passion and commitment, showing a willingness to stick it out and keep looking for engineers.

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Ron Taylor
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